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CermaKrome is a metallic ceramic coating that polishes to a chrome like finish. This coating will withstand over 1300f base metal temperatures. This coating can be applied to any metallic part (except magnesium) that can withstand the curing temperature of 500f. CermaKrome not only enhances the appearance of your headers and engine parts it dramatically increases performance. No other coating can stand up to the elements like CermaKrome.

spaceCermaKrome Specifications
  • Metallic Ceramic Coating
  • Best corrosion protection of any exhaust system coating
  • Tested to over 1300f base metal temperatures/1600f Exhaust gas temperatures
  • Polishes to a chrome like finish
  • Can be applied to any metal that can handle the cure temperature (not for use on magnesium).
spaceQuestion and Answer

What do I do to maintain the polish on CermaKrome?
Eagle One - the original "never-dull" wadding polish.

How long will the coating last?
Depending on the coating, part life increases from two (2) to ten (10) times normal! In addition, coatings such as "CermaKrome™" can provide virtual lifetime protection against rust.

What is your guarantee?
Caps Brite Hot Coatings, Inc. warranties this process for a period of 1 year, from original date of purchase, against rust and corrosion. This does not include freight, strip charges, costs incurred during down time, removal or any replacement costs. Failure to properly install and maintain product will void all warranties. All warranty claims must be returned to Caps Brite Hot Coatings, Inc. for inspection, along with a copy of the original invoice.

Is this Powder Coating?
NO! This process is Ceramic based and is designed for thermal management and friction management. Although it can be decorative in nature, it is primarily a functional coating designed to increase performance and durability of the part.

What parts should be treated?
Any part subject to heat damage, corrosion or abrasion. In addition, enhanced appearance is possible for parts such as headers, brackets, engine accessories and suspension pieces.

Will I see a change in temperature?
Parts will run cooler. Engine oil and water temperatures will show a temperature reduction. On headers, the radiated heat will be substantially reduced, leading to lower under-hood temperatures and less heat absorption by nearby parts and surfaces.

Are the headers coated inside and outside?
Yes, Because exhaust gases are so corrosive, we coat all headers and pipes inside and out for a complete barrier against corrosion. For this very reason it is important to follow all instructions enclosed with your coated parts to ensure against damaging the coating.

Can you coat Mufflers/Catalytic converters?
Yes. We can coat any surface that can be sandblasted and baked. By coating everything you can effectively insulate from your headers all the way to the tailpipe and ensure the best durability of your exhaust system. Catalytic converters will function even better because they rely on internal heat to do their job. By coating, you can reduce radiated heat and decrease emissions at the same time.

What other parts can you coat?
Any part that is metal, can be sandblasted and will resist 600 degrees can be coated. Just a few items that we commonly do are: brackets, alternator housings, springs, pulleys, fans, sway bars, A-arms, brake calipers/rotors, heat shields and many others.


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