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Black Ceramic

Cast Iron Ceramic

Stainless Steel Ceramic

Titanium Ceramic



Porsche Gray


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Exhaust Headers Caps Brite Hot Coatings specializes
in coating headers for racing and
custom hot Rods. The coating can
withstand temperatures up to
base metal temperature & 1600f
exhaust gas temperature, making
it ideal for headers and any other
engine component.
Chrome Engine
Intake Manifolds This type of coating is perfect under
the hood of any custom Hot Rod. The
coating polishes to a chrome like finish
and can withstand high temperatures.
Caps coated the block, valve covers
and headers on the engine above
with CermaKrome. It is a perfect
solution for that show quality Hot Rod.
This coating is more durable than
chrome and looks just as good.
Suspension Parts
Miscellaneous Parts These are just a few samples of what
Caps Brite Hot Coatings can do with
CermaKrome. Please contact
us if you have any questions or
if you would like a quote.
Miscellaneous Parts
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