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Dear Don:
Re:  03 Big Dog Chopper - Porcelain Black Exhaust Coating

I want to thank you for the outstanding porcelain job you did on my Arlen Ness exhaust.  I did a considerable amount of research before coming to Caps.  I was toying with the idea of ceramic black, but no matter if it were the original matte black or the semi, nothing compares to the porcelain black finish available at Caps.

The interesting thing is how I learned about Caps Brite Hot Coatings.  In my search, the nicest black exhaust pipes I saw were all on Orange County Chopper theme bikes (Trim Spa, Spider Bike etc).  When I called OCC to find out who did work for them, they told me "Caps in California..."  Well, I had watched the Lance Armstrong and Carroll Shelby builds on the Discovery Channel, and to find out that your company had done the exhaust coating was good enough for me!  Afterall, OCC has a reputation to protect now, so a referral from them is like money in the bank!

Corey sent me a sample of the porcelain coating.  I wanted to see how durable it was so I beat on a metal door jam with it, threw it across the garage a few times and let it hit what it wanted, and the coating stood up to the abuse!

I took your suggestion and had High Lustre in Hayward chemically remove the existing chrome/nickel and copper so you could get the best adhesion of the porcelain.  The end result?  Wow!  I now have exhaust pipes that look better than any ceramic black pipes I've ever seen.

I've sent you pictures if you'd like to post them on your website.  The pictures have gone all the way to Big Dog Motorcycles in Wichita, Kansas! 

Those that have seen them there think the exhaust look GREAT!

Thanks again for adding "Muscle" to my rolling canvas.  I like what you've done so much, I've posted my comments and your web address on the "Big Dog Owners Group" forum online.  I think comments from the forum like, "Those look awesome..." says it all!

Robert M. Lim


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